The new teambuilder ranked draft pick

will not be an improvement at all I'm afraid. I don't wanna chose my role before the champ select. I usually decide after I see at least bans or even some enemy picks and my own team picks/calls. It also depends a lot on where I'm in the pickorder. Am I firstpick? I wanna firstpick jungle. Am I lastpick? I want mid or top to counterpick. The new system might solve some problems (like 3 main junglers in one team which I recently got several times :-), but many new problems will emerge instead, especially for players who are not the "mid or feed" type. For example I main jungle and top but when I see enemy picking Zed, I wanna ask my team to go mid against Zed because I'm good vs him. Or I chose jungle in the new system and then they ban my 3 main junglers so suddenly I would rather go top or support. Or I chose top but then I will be firstpick and I will not want to blind pick top champ. You see? there are just so many possibilities in the current system; picking role in advance would totally ruin it. The current draft pick is just ok and works well enough if you are not a troll yourself. And maybe once in 10 or 20 games the champselect goes totally wrong just dodge it. Not the end of the world.
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