Ranked Rewards and Decay

Hallo Community, this is Aachie. I just reached Gold for the first time! Though I never really played past my promotion matches last seasons and do not think of myself as a noob, I know that I still make lots of mistakes and have to improve a lot. Therefore it makes me very happy to see that I am able to make my way into Gold Division. However, I am here with a question about ranked rewards and the decay system. A question I do not found answers to even in the Ranked Play FAQ from Riot Support. I know that I have to stay in Gold to get my Gold rewards at the end of the season. But can I decay from gold? The mentioned FAQ from Riot says: "If you are in Platinum or Diamond, after 28 days of inactivity in a particular ranked queue[...]" and "In the Master and Challenger tier, players outside of Team Ranked will decay after becoming inactive for 10 days[...]" There is not a word about Gold or lower tiers. So, can you decay from Gold back to Silver when you're inactive. Yes, or no? Thank you in advance!
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