SoloQ might get scratched / not released

For those of you who are not frequently informing themselves about League and keeping up with it's developments or just didn't catch the news yet, i want you to know that SoloQ might probably never reach us depending on how well DynamicQ does or does not. Today there was a post on the Sub-Reddit of League giving players a heads up about New Champ Select and some of it sounded a bit disturbing for those passionately waiting for SoloQ. I just link the Sub-Reddit and the post here for people who are interested. I don't really want to start a drama but i wanted to make sure the people who are just in the EUW boards and probably are not having an eye on Reddit or other sources know about this. This is mostly an informational post but you can surely leave a comment if you want. I for myself am pretty sad that SoloQ might be dropped just for the sake of keeping DynamicQ artificially alive. Have a good one. {{champion:157}} meow
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