[Halloween idea] Rise of the UNDEAD

At midnight will those who have died on the Summoners Rift rise from the dead to kill it's killer Only you and your team facing an army of UNDEAD MINIONS!! What's up y'all my name is The Legacy Crew and i've got for you a new idea for Halloween called "Rise of the UNDEAD" So basically a team of 5 versus all minions who died in past seasons. Rules: Survive You are thinking now :"ooh easy gg" NO! i want to make this a challenge for players So i've sum up some specific settings : 1. _I can't see sh*t_ : Fog of War increased (more foggy) 2. _Finally nerfed!_ : Reduced life-steal of items (cutlass, botrk, BT, Vampiric scepter, ravenous hydra) **BUT NOT DORAN's BLADE** 3. _Where to spend gold?_ : Shop appears at random moments on the map in total of 35 sec 4. _Towerdive? What towerdive?_ **ALL** turrets are disabled (for more fun :D ) 5. _Team a little help pls!_ : Only teammates can respawn you or respawn for 2000 gold. 6. _Who needs buffs?_ : Blue, Red, Dragon and Baron Buffs **removed from this mode** (see Buffs) 7. _Gotta go fast_ : slightly more movement speed (see Buffs) Those came up in my head. Comment for any descent suggestions (it's has to be challenge) Now to the UNDEAD, now it getting interesting. The Undead comes in waves : first wave - ok fifth wave - come on team don't give up now 10th wave - HARDMODE ACTIVATED (just an idea of the difficulty) Of course the time when the UNDEAD have to spawn (waves keep coming) (again an idea) : 00:30 : Melee minions + Cannoneer minion + mage minions 05:00 : more melee + more cannonneers + more mages 07:30 : even more minions 10:00 : BUFFED melee + BUFFED cannoneers + BUFFED mages ( see Buffs ) (increase the difficulty) 12:30 : even MORE buffed minions 20:00 : The first Mega minion + A LOT OF melee 25:30 : ... (an algorithm with the difficulty increased so they become really deadly) =The Buffs= In this Gamemode there will be other buffs bc the normals are a bit basic The buffs come in 2 types: Undead, Champions: Undead buffs: Toxic skin - Minion deals bonus magic dmg over time while attacking and slows the target (for mage minions) Will for Brains - Speeds up the attack speed and mouvement speed of the minion (**THIS SCALES WITH TIME**) (for melee and cannoneers) Fog of undead - increased physical dmg by 30% (for melee and cannoneers) Bullet proof - increases magic resist + armor when near a super minion (maybe 10% - 30%or maybe 40%? or more...) (for all minions inclusif mega minion) Champion Buffs: The Squad - Physical dmg increased when all 5 players are within range of ({{champion:57}} Ult range) Full metal jacket - physical attack increased for a short duration when killing an UNDEAD minion with "Toxic skin" Survive the night - Increases mouvement speed ( this activates when hitting 15:00 and increases with time ) Dead man Walking - Increases attack speed by 15% when falling below 25% health =MAP= That's all for the gameplay, now let's switch over to the map. The map is summoners rift (=**see photo**=) Yellow circle: Spawn circle where the players start at the beginning Red circles : the spawns of the UNDEAD, note that the spawns will open randomly Brown dots : places of the shop (only 1 shop at the time) =Awards= survived 20:00? 80 IP survived 30:00? Halloween icon + 90 IP survived 45:00? ~~Teemo skin~~ + 5 IP (nono just kidding, maybe a mystery halloween skin? _Riot games_ you can choose the last one) I gave you my idea for Halloween, Now it's up to you. what are your thoughts about this? Let me know in the Comments below Don't forget to leave a Like if you like this idea or inspires you thank you :) -The Legacy Crew

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