How to improve myself: should I play ranked or stick to normals?

So, I've been wondering about this for a long time: will I improve more if I play ranked or should I play more normals first? I noticed there's a huge difference between my normal games and the ranked games(even tho I'm only silver), where people tryhard and suddenly care about taking dragon and baron, towerdive effectively on occasion, etc. But I'm not comfortable with every role yet, give me top/adc in ranked, and i'll be losing lane big time, and my mechanics are poor(lasthitting? nope). The problem is, on my normal games, everyone is just as poor at lasthitting, taking objectives, warding, and so on. So, will I learn if I stick around the normal games, or will it just set for a bad example? Maybe anyone can give advice from their own experience. *For the record: I have 326 normal wins and mainly play support and mid. I am in Silver II now, and lost most of my ranked games(but then again, I didn't play much ranked).*

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