[NEW] Hide & Seek Game Rules

Hi Everyone, So I am one of the people that suffer from the fact that Dominion has been removed with The Crystal Scar map from the entire game. As you all know, this used to be a regular fan-made gamemode that a lot of people have played. To solve this problem, I have came up with new rules on how to play Hide and Seek on Summoner's Rift! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Game Settings** Map: Summoner's Rift Game Type: Draft Pick 5 Hiders - Team 1 2 Seekers - Team 2 Game Length: 40 minutes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **How to Play** 1. Once the game loads, everyone is going to lanes to farm until level 6. Once you hit Level 6, recall back to base and wait for other players for their Level 6. Do not kill the enemy team. Only kill minions and don't attack the towers. 2. When everyone is in their base, the hiders have 1 minute to hide in the jungle. After this time, the seekers go to find the hiders. [Click me to see where you are allowed to hide on the map](http://imgur.com/XyBGIGE) 3. No one is allowed to go out of the jungle once the hiding and seeking has fully began. No going to lanes otherwise -1 life. 4. Every hider starts the game off with 6 lifes. 5. Hiders can damage jungle monsters but not kill them. 6. Dragon can be damaged for what ever reason but can not actaully be killed. Ex. kill the hider or the seeker. 7. Hiders are allowed to kill all jungle monsters for experience. Seekers are only allowed to take red buff and blue buff nothing else. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Rules** 1) No one is allowed to use/buy wards/trinkets. Only sweeper allowed. {{item:3341}} 2) Hiders are only allowed to use _Crowd Control_ abilities. Ex. slows, stuns, roots, knock-ups, polymorphs etc. 3) Hiders are only allowed to buy items that benefit their mobility or slow the seekers ex. {{item:3092}} is allowed as it slows the seekers on it's active ability. {{item:3116}} is not allowed to be bought for the hiders but seekers can buy it 20 minutes into the game. Items like {{item:3087}} are allowed as they give you more movement speed. Frost Queens is banned on seekers. 4) Hiders are not allowed to back to base at any time of the game. 5) Seekers can always back to the base to buy items, regenerate health etc. If a hider interupts the recall more than 3 times, gets a life taken away( -1 ). 6) Hiders are not allowed to suicide to towers or jungle monsters on purpose otherwise it's -1 life. 7) If a seeker breaks a rule, it's -5 minutes from the game. If a hider breaks a rule it's -1 life. 8) {{item:3022}} and {{item:3116}} are not allowed to be bought for the seekers until 20 minutes into the game. 9) Seekers have to recall back to base when below 300hp otherwise the hiders are allowed to kill you. 10) Fake recall is not allowed. 11) Potions are allowed to be bought as there are no health relics. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Summoner Spells** As to these the summoner spells, everything is allowed expect {{summoner:2}}. This is because I think that the space to hide is a bit small and it would help too much. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have also made some prebanned champions because they would be too OP to play on this map. - LeBlanc {{champion:7}} - Rengar {{champion:107}} - Kassadin {{champion:38}} - Master Yi {{champion:11}} - Teemo {{champion:17}} - Evelynn {{champion:28}} **Hint** The point of this gamemode is to hide and run away from the seekers not to go and 5 man kill them or constantly damaging them so they have to recall to base everytime they enter the jungle. {{summoner:6}} and {{summoner:4}} are usually the mostly picked summoner spells due to the mobility they give you to both run away or chase down the hider. {{summoner:11}} Smite can be a smart summoner spell to pick on hiders as it allows you to clear camps faster and even steal the buffs from seekers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to everyone for reading this. I really hope that Hide & Seek will still be as popular as the old one. This is obviously not my idea for the gamemode. I have only changed and added some rules so that it is playable on this map as The Crystal Scar has been removed. Comments and Feedback will be greatly appreciated! I will definitely read all the comments. Have Fun! {{champion:17}} Edit: Thanks guys for some many comments in just one day. Im trying to answer them all so if you have any questions , dont be afraid to ask. Also thanks for 50 upvotes already. You're awesome. I also have a question to everyone: Do you think that Hiders should be allowed to farm jungle camps to earn xp to even it out since Seekers are getting more gold and xp from kills? You may also have an alternative idea which I will also happily read. Thanks
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