Do any solo queue players actually like dynamic queue? And when is "pure" soloq coming out?

Not sure if this is in the right board, but hey. I was just wondering whether anyone that plays alone enjoys the new queue (not the new champ select) more than the old one. Because quite frankly, knowing that I sound like a whiny bitch, I despise it. As much fun as it can be to play with friends, those games aren't serious to me so they always happen in normals as we all have different skill groups so generally can't play together in ranked. This means that when I want to play seriously, which is most of the time, I hop in to solo queue. Before season 6 this was fine, but now it's just pot luck. Today I was playing with a 4 premade that evidentially had just invited each other and weren't communicating in anyway vs a team that evidently was. Is that not breaking the rules of a competitive environment staying fair? Other thing I was wondering was the second question in the title. Quite frankly, we're over a quarter/ nearly half way through the season and there hasn't seemed to be any updates on when this so-called "Pure" soloq will be released. Does any rioter have any information on roughly when we can be expecting it? Generally speaking that's the mode that will give a tag on a single person's actual skill level and will generally be more enjoyable for those that play alone, so it's pretty darn important. Thank you all {{champion:78}}
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