when u destroy 1 nexus minions stop walk to that side the team won't spawn anymore also no champions from that side all chat will be disabled till the 1st nexus is destroyed. pleas share your thoughts and let the idea become reality > UPDATE 7 feb: the idea is it will be a 4vs4 map: 1top 1mid 1bot 1jung > UPDATE 3 November: Hi everyone it's a long time ago i updated this but i decided to do this because after 9 months i still receive every new comment what is great btw Now I think it's time to list everything you guys said it the comments - First of all the main issue MINIONS the solo lane minions walk to the opposite site of the map (normal) the midlane minions in groups of 2 per 6 that split in 2 directions when they hit the middle of the map this makes there will be a HUGE gold difference for for the midlaner so the gold you get for midlane minions will be reduced - Second it's NOT a 5V5 but a 4V4 1 jungler 1 mage in mid and then YOUR team can chose or they want adc supp or tank adc.. depending on what you think of the enemy (draft pick) - Third there is no baron in this game mode only a GREEN buff (red and blue together for a shorter duration) raptors golems and wolves -Fourth all chat is disabled until 1 team is defeated the first defeated team can leave or stay in chat and watch or they just leave - Fifth the minions of the first defeated base won't spawn anymore and the fountain won't heal or kill anyone from that point THE MEMBERS OF THE FIRST DEFEATED TEAM WHO ARE STILL ALIVE CAN KEEP PLAYING UNTIL THEY DIE but they have no where to go... the destroyed nexus of the first team will turn into a capture point (like dominion) the team that caps it will spawn minions FROM the destroyed base ONLY to the lane of the remaining enemy team example (watch image below): purple team is defeated blue and red's botlane will no longer spawn minions if the red team captures the purple nexus the minions will spawn FROM PURPLE's right to blue bot, from that moment blue's botlane starts spawning minions again this will make the red team having WAY more map control - Sixth sadly enough there won't be inhibitors on the map cause super minions will make a mess I know there is WAY more to be discussed about but with a good community and bit more riot attention. WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN ALSO RITO ;) GAMES WILL BE THE FIRST TO MAKE SUCH THING it would be a TOTAL new experience cause seriously do we really want a new map like butcher's bridge (beautiful map really but why make 2 aram maps while aram isn't that popular) Also i want to add something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i0pN4fW5ZA this is a game played in the magma chamber a 1V1 2V2 map riot cancelled the map cause it wasn't popular enough etc wouldn't it be cool if we could test our individual skill in a 1V1 ranked so we know where our solo skill is :P > that's it for now and thx for making this the 3th best post on the forums :D
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