Dynamic Queue - My Farewell from LoL

Hey, since Riot doesnt want to get a direct feedback, Ill just post it here. Either they care or they dont, its whatever to me at the moment. I have been playing League on and off for about 4 years. I mained all the roles at some point in the game. Lately, I didnt spend as much time playing LoL that I couldnt keep up playing five different roles in an ever changing environment. So I stuck to mainly playing top, simply because out of the five roles, its my strongest and most reliable role. I didnt fancy people flaming me too much so I figured if I go top things will be friendliest. And they were. I never had any problems finding a game in either teambuilder, blind pick or normal draft. Ranked draft too. Everything worked, people were mostly friendly (at least towards me) and I was enjoying the limited number of games I played. I liked the changes to the game too for the most part. I dont agree with all of them but nothing has ever made me want to quit the game entirely. Over time, I came to greatly enjoy playing top. I love playing tanks, I love farming and I love being able to withstand a lot of punishment and still get the kill in the end. I love being able to go ham and not die. I love out csing my opponent by a wide margin because he underestimated my tankiness early on and died and I was then able to zone him out. I find it very satisfying to not rely on skillshots at all and be able to just straight up run into skillshots and still come out ahead because I know when to fight and when not to. All in all, Toplane was great fun to me. Initially, when Dynamic Q was announced, I was very happy. I thought to myself this sounds even better then draft. But then again, I never had any problems with draft. People arent as terrible as a lot of guys claim. I got my preferred role (top) in about 75% of the games I think. Whenever I didnt get top, I was able to support most of the times. Leaving me to fill only as last pick when somebody else wanted top and another one wanted supp. So things could not have gotten much better for me with teambuilder. And in fact, they got a lot worse. I tried about 15 attempts to q in with teambuilder I think. Most of the times I queued for top primary and supp secondary as I would in a normal draft. But it turns out if I do that, I only get supp. I think out of 10 attempts like this, I got top once or twice. When I queue up as top or mid I do get top, but it takes more then 5 minutes. Now Im not prepared to wait for 5 minutes or more to get an initial q going that will then be disbanded due to someone afking or whatever. When I get home after work, Im not up for waiting an eternity to get a game going. Its either I get one within a reasonable time frame or Im off to other games. A similar thing is true for what I want to play. I dont fancy playing support every game. Im not going to let myself get forced to play support or bust. If I want to play top and I cant play top then I might just not play at all. Im not playing this game to make it fun for others, Im playing it to enjoy it. If Im not enjoying it anymore, Im not going to play it. Thats exactly what Im going to do in the forseeable future. Im done with LoL for now. Iv mentioned this problem a couple of times, as have others. I have not seen a single Riot response or any mention at all that Riot wants to change this. Im not willing to let myself be bossed around. If Riot is unable to replace a perfectly working q with a similarly well working mechanic and does not listen to complaints and my enjoyment of the game is severly limited Im off. Thanks for the past four years of LoL. Maybe I will return eventually. But as things stand, I dont enjoy playing LoL anymore and Im very disappointed with the introduction of dynamic q. Goodbye, Galahad P.S.: I did play with groups before and that was much better. However, the groups Iv played with have either disbanded or become toxic. And since friendly groups are hard to find, Im not willing to invest a lot of time into it either.

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