Rotating game mode Idea

With the announcement of Riot making featured game modes "Weekend modes" and the amount of people wanting more game modes to choose from. I've thought about a game mode that could be fun and exciting. After all URF was amazing. The new Idea I had is about champion customization in-game. That being said that the abilities of a champion can change. In other words a champion can swap current abilities with another abilities through the shop. For example {{champion:45}} can change his Ultimate to {{champion:30}}'s Ultimate or {{champion:69}} can swap an ability to make her more mobile or even give her an escape. The ability you want to switch out must also be in the same category(Q,W,E or R) the only thing that you can't change about your champion is your passive. **How to buy the ability: ** The way you can buy the ability would be much like {{champion:41}}'s Ultimate. using a different currency than the standard gold. The points can be awarded through Large monsters, Minions and Champion kills and assists. Normal abilities(Q,W,E) could cost around 100 of the special currency and an Ultimate could cost 250. minions could give 1 point for last hitting (2 for siege and super minions), large monsters can give 5 or 10 and champions kills give 20 and assists give 10. The points can also be obtained passively 1 every 4/5 seconds. Feel free to give any feedback or idea that could make this game mode better.

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