Bring Builder Back (BBB)

Just as another gametype option pleaase. Teambuilder was amazing.. me and my friends loved it. **Good reasons to Bring Builder Back: ** 1 If you are with a bunch of friends you can all pick what you want. 2 It does not take long to start a game or you just wait a bit in builder for a friend or some one and be able to do some other stuff. 3 You don't have leavers which makes the whole draft process even longer. Caus people can't play what they want in draft, either caus they got their secondary role or caus it's banned or picked, some people decide to stop (or because of other reasons) which makes the whole waiting process waay longer.. I really have been getting annoyed with it and lots of other people too.. It would be amazing if you'd just bring teambuilder back as a side option. :D Riot please _(and this post is not because I want to play Jhin and other people take him.. I don't even own Jhin atm)_
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