ARAM problem with Warmog.

So, not long ago I made a post questioning the state of Warmog on ARAM map. I was met with responses that didn't really touch the point I was trying to make. People simple suggested using Grievous Wounds and called it a day. Now, I'd like to make things clear: Warmog alone isn't the problem. Neither are champs that are particularly good with it, like Mundo, or champs who heal much, like Soraka. My problem, _one and only,_ is that ARAM is a mode where you are not supposed to go back to 100% health after backing out for a while. And now you do. Your entire team can. In a mode where there's default heal reduction in order to prevent stalling games with endless sustain, now we once again have stalling with endless sustain. it's very easy to disengage on such simple map, rendering tanky champions nearly indestructible, because they can go to full health in no time, something that is not supposed to happen on Howling Abyss. Do you think this is fine? Please, address this question in particular, I know how to itemise against healers, I know champion builds and mechanics. My concern is only the state of new Warmog on ARAM. I more than happily abuse it myself when I'm on champions that can utilise it well, but I don't believe it's a right state of this particular item on this particular map.
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