Riot: Rotating Queue Mode & Custom Games

Riot, **thanks **for **listening **to the community when they voiced their concerns about having fun in the game, weekly rotational games are a step in the right direction and is **very welcomed**. **First, Can we have some clarification on Custom Games? ** During the period that each game is on live, would custom game alternatives be available as well? The reason is, we feel that the communities could once again **thrive **off this, especially at weekends. Ours particularly in [The Gaming Asylum]( used **Dominion **on weekends for **All Random All Bottom**. Using Featured Game Modes in custom allows us to all get together and have at least 10 people on voice chat having a good **laugh**. We really need it to help us again. **Second, Would it be possible to bring Dominion back in Custom Games? ** We know that it's been stated that maintaining it was a pain, we get that, but for Custom Games we don't need channeled animation for each character, maybe to **save money**, apply the lighting affect to the center of each character body and make each character just **laugh**, or **taunt **during the capture of a turret. it's **cost effective**, can be defaultly applied and also pretty **fun **too. **Regarding items**, I'd literally remove the Dominion items sets and **clone **the **Summoners Rift/ARAM/Rotation Queue items** like for like. The point is, it's custom, it doesn't need balancing, It just needs to be cost effective and available. Hope It's something you can conciser, as **All Random All Bottom** was one of the core weekend games that we all got together, total **highlight of our community**. Edit: Completely forgot about the ARAM Map skin as well, this really needs to be on rotation with ARAM Mode too Thanks, **Wobbly**
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