starting to get really anoyed by getting secundairy roles

2nd Edit: 7th time in row i get secundairy now,you,Riot,forced me to leave cause i am not going to play it again,and now i DEMAND MY 3 LP BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am main jungle,normally i would v gone sup if i didnt jungle,but if i pick jung/sup then i get sup 10 of 10 times, the first thing that really anoys me,Rito can fix this somehow i am sure, thats why i started to go jung/mid,the first few weeks i got jung 7-8 of 10 times which was very satisfying to me, but lately i am getting more and more mid, today i was &quot;lucky&quot; i got jung 3 times in row,i get into series with 1 free win, what do i get??Make a wild guess.. Ofcourse i get mid,we get a dodger,i get mid in same team again,another dodger,i get mid in the other team,another dodger, i stop qeue,wait 2 minutes and start qeue over in the hope that after i got those 3 times mid i will get my jungle, no i get mid again............................... Lost that game,that ok,it happens,can live with that, next qeue,again Mid................ Again loose.... Starting to get really messed up anoyed by this crap... STOP GIVING OUR SECUNDAIRY ROLES WHEN WE REACH SERIES !!!!!!!!!!! or give the option to pick only ONE role,i would GLADLY wait half an hour or so to be sure i get my primairy role. Edit: and guess what i get in the first game after i made this post, again my secundairy role,5th time in row,gg rito..... I rather not say here what i am thinking now........ 3th Edit: went to a low level account of mine,choose jung/mid and again mid.......i left ofcourse, going to my NA account now and somehow i think i need to make another edit after that when i get mid also there.(at least on NA there is hextech crafting,cause rito apparently believes that the most important/crowded server deserves getting free stuff as last,i can see the logic in that ) 4th Edit: Well on NA i got my jungle at last,but when i went back to EUW i got mid right away again,the jungler let me go jung tho,bless him/her <3 ( we lost tho ) After that i decided to go normals,and what i get,jungle..... Really rito,i wanted Jung in ranked not normals.......... Seems like the system really likes to mess with ur mind....
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