Make the game fun like it was before

Hello everyone of you who tripped over this channel. I am Necrit, formally known as "the counterpick guy". My channel is based on lore and theory crafting bu...
Tnx to Necrix for this amazing video that he made that he tell everything that is not good with lol but i have to say riot doesn't do anything to make the game more fun to play they only care about the esports.Back when riot had the old map they made 3 skins for it and now they don't do anything for new map skins or a new gamemode.They thing to make a 10vs10 but they are scared if isn't good and lose time and money to a failure.When riot realise a gamemode they keep it for 1 or 2 weeks and we must wait 3-4 months to play another gamemode for again 2 weeks.Why riot you don't care to make the game fun and only care to be better for the esports? Pls watch the video and if you thing i am right vote down below
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