Custom GM: "Protect the King"

**Welcome everybody!** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} This is the new official thread about the gamemode "Protect the King" (Also known as **PTK**) ----- _Introduction/Goal:_ This Custom game mode is set on the map "Crystal Scar" (Dominion) and is a 5vs5 based mode, with a minimum of 3 players in each team. The goal in this custom mode is to kill the enemy team's King Both teams have a player that is the king and the rest are champions whose mission is to protect the king. You win after killing the enemy king 5 times. _How do I play?_ - Create a custom game (Set on the Dominion map) - Gametype should be Draft Mode - Invite/Join and have a minimum of 3 players in each team - Start the game and choose a king ---- **Rules:** - During champion selection both teams select their king (A tanky, stealthy or high mobility champion is highly recommended to have as your king.) - Once you leave your base/fountain (Gray Path) you can't go back to buy or to recover your health. - Using Recall/Recalling is not allowed during the whole game (You may only purchase new items upon dying) - When your king has lost all 5 lives, your team has to surrender. - Capturing towers is not allowed. - Camping at spawn is not allowed --- _**Banned Champions:**_ {{champion:28}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:26}} (Evelynn, Karthus, Shaco, Teemo, Twitch, Soraka, Zilean) _**Banned items:**_ {{item:2047}} {{item:3187}} {{item:3185}} {{item:3026}} (Oracle's Extract, Hextech Sweeper, The Lightbringer, Guardian Angel) ------ **FAQ:** Q : Can the king move/attack? A : Yes he can! Q : Who is the king? A : Each team has one champion as their king, both teams select who they want as their king in the champion select. Then in-game you have to tell the other team which champion in your team is the king! _Feel free to ask questions about our custom game mode, "Protect the King"! Also let us know if you have any tips/ideas that could improve the game mode!_ :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} This Custom Game Mode is made by: _ZiinKz and Lennon250_ _Feel free to add us on your friend list and join our chat "Protect the King"_ :D Sorry for my bad English, isn't my native language! ----- **Ps: If you don't follow the rules or troll, you will be added to blacklist!** **Blacklist:** Edg Meiko
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