New CoOp VS Ai Mode with Random champion and role for new players.

Recently an idea came to my mind. I personally thought it was a good idea so I decided to share it. Basically in our current Coop vs Ai mode summoners can choose any champion and any role to go and play.This "freedom" though makes the summoners argue with each other about the champions or roles that they want to play, thus leading to trolling, afk or feeding even in bot games. Riot had the same problem with Ranked and Normal games and they found a good solution with the draft pick, where people can pick their champion and role and qeue up with people who didnt pick that role. So my idea is to do something similar to the Coop vs Ai, but with a little twist.New players tend to not take the meta seriously or they find their own ways of having fun, and that is acceptable.But what if, there was a mode for Coop that gave the summoner a random champion (any champion, doesnt have to be unlocked or "free to play"), and a role that fits the champion, thus not giving room for summoners to argue about the champions or the roles. This way, the summoner not only learns how to play a completely new champion but can also learn a role that he might not like or may not be particularly good at.Also this gives a chance for the summoner to see which role fits him better and gives him an opportunity to try out diffrent champions that he might be interested in. This mode will not unlock those champions forever, only for one game.If the summoner gets to like that champion he will surely buy it after the game(it will give him more motivation to go and play games to earn the IP needed). Also, by giving a free skin for this champion, just for this one game, might make the summoner become interested in skins that he maybe didnt even know that existed, thus making him want to buy them. Ingame, there will be tips and warnings for the summoner, depending on the role (for example: "Your role is jungler, you are in the wrong lane, you should help your teammates by ganking, your teammate needs heal,ward the river to avoid ganks, help your jungler get herald/dragon, etc.") Instead of reports or honors, I suggest a rating system similar to the one we have in normal games, but instead the summoners will rate each other depending on their performance and attitube in that role.Not getting a good rating (which means that the summoner chose to not be sportmanlike or chose to not play by the rules) will ban this summoner from this mode for several normal games. What I mean is that the summoner will not be able to play this mode unless he plays some normal games. (for example: you can't play this mode because of your rating, play some normal games to increase rating"). Overall what this mode does is helping the new summoners get used to playing diffrent roles (thus not giving them any excuse for not knowing how to play the role) and finding the champions that they are more comfortable playing with.Tips and warnings will help the summoner learn faster about the game mechanics. This Idea came to me while talking to my brother who wants to learn how to jungle yet he is not able to because in Coop vs AI people ussually instalock or dont care about helping.Also he asks me for tips a lot and I dont always have the time to sit and tell him what to do and how to get better. I hope you like this idea.Make sure to tell me your own opinions about this or ask questions about things that you did not understand, and please excuse my english as it is not my mother language. Have a nice day Summoners! {{champion:119}}

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