PROOF that URF WILL NOT come this April 1st

[First of all, I wanted to create this thread in the past few days, but my main account got banned from the boards, and I did not want to post this on my smurf. Anyway LETS GO!] Hi guys, Well Riot has posted out Amumus party invitation, and it seems some people still believe that Riot is pranking us saying that URF is not coming, like they did last year with NURF. However, for those hardcore believers that think Riot is making a bad@ss master plan/prank. I am here to tell you that URF is not coming on April 1st. And there is one sure fire way to prove it. Say hello to the "Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing", aka the U.R.F Rising patch notes. Last year, Riot made an exclusive patch notes for U.R.F. The reason they did this was because a lot of new champions entered the Rift, also, because some champions were just flat out broken and because some champions got reworked. But to first talk about the URF patch notes, I have to talk about U.R.F 2014. Riot introduced U.R.F (Ultra Rapid Fire) in 2014, and it was meant to be a ONE DAY GAME MODE. However, due to its incredible popularity, Riot extended the gamemode for an entire week. This extension WAS NOT planned and thus, 12 champions were banned permanently from U.R.F, the majority were healers btw. ######(Hecacopter... I lost my virginity that day Q_Q ). So lets fast forward to 2015. Riot learned alot of sht with U.R.F, they wanted to fix the "X champions are getting banned from URF", which was HUGE problem because it made the game mode potentionally less fun to play and actually more competitive (when the whole purpose of the game mode was to get drunk and go ham). So that said, Riot made the Patchnotes for U.R.F allowing all champions to be played, including the 12 banned champions. So Sona, Hecarim, Kassadin, Ruze, Alistar, and many more were playable once more. NOW 2016, people STILL think Riot is pranking us, while we have two EASILY identifiable proofs that U.R.F WILL NOT come on April first. 1) The URF skins are in patch 6.6 and patch 6.6 is coming THIS WEDNESDAY 23. And guess what... U.R.F was not on the PBE (This would be 2, but it ties so well with 1 sooo....) 1.2) Why would U.R.F be on the PBE you ask? Well, we have Gangplank, Poppy, Shen, Fiora, Soraka reworks, we have the Marksmen reworks, we have the Juggernauts, we have new champions: Ekko, Tahm Kench,Kindred ,Illoai, AURELION SOL is out next week (GET FCKING HYPED!) Simply put, so much SHlT has happened in 2015 after URF (mostly during preseason) that Riot needs to balance a lot of champions, items, masteries, keystones. Riot has been super busy with the making of new champions and the remaking of old champions (Poppy, Shen, Taric). Riot has been very busy and not a lot of time has been out to create U.R.F for 2016. So for the (morons at this point) that still believe U.R.F is coming and that Riot is simply pranking us, THEY ARE NOT. Just stop, think, and use comon sense and knowledge. If anything, the fact that U.R.F is not on the PBE should have alerted you in the first place. U.R.F is not coming this April 1st. ######But I am not happy that Riot broke a KEY day and "fixed it" by saying "you´re getting U.R.F twice, its better" (<----- NO ITS NOT RIOT! Stick with the Runeterra holiday schedule) ___________________________________ Good night guys! And please, dont forget Amumus party. It was amazing, I know cause I was there
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