Riot please, take a moment to look at Twisted Treeline matchmaking

Now, TT Is my favorite map, I started playing there, I got my first ranked achievement there and I really enjoy playing it. so, being disappointed by dynamicq current state I decided to return to my roots and have some fun in TT, at first everything rolled smoothly, no leveling bots, no under leveled players and the queue times actually got better than they used to be, but a disturbing pattern started to appear, the games where too easy and i constantly steamrolled every single team, i knew tf being a small map means that individual effort and skill is reflected much better than 5v5,but boy i won so many its not even fun no more, i thought , hey queue will get better , i mean i cant be matched with silvers/low gold players for ever , i know my skill level is roughly platinum and i expected the matchmaking system to realize that by adjusting my internal mmr or whatever they use for matchmaking, but no, no adjustment seems to be happening , i pretty much won a massive load of games straight the last 3 days , and i am still matched with people of the same skill floor. i know what you will be thinking, why is this guy mad i mean he gets to win all the time what's wrong with that, everyone would like that, well i don't like it , if you get to win that easy and all the time it starts to get boring and not challenging, i just got a game that i got to turn around from giving first blood on a team 6 kills behind before 10 mins, and still i got no satisfaction from winning. and if you don't believe me here is my match history , the jayce loss was a 2v3

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