About random/democratic mode dodgers

I am absolutely alright with dodging a normal queue if the team has some trolling prick, but don't do that in ARAM or One for All because you can't accept the fact that you don't get what you want, thank you. You shouldn't knowingly queue up for a mode in which you will MOST likely get a random champion if you DON'T want that, it makes you look like an immature, demanding diva and that's nothing positive to brag about. Got Gragas even though you wanted to have Teemo in One for All? S - W - A - L - L - O - W I - T. That's what democracy and random modes are about, and if you can't deal with either of these factors... then for the love of yordles, don't ever touch the queue to a random or nomination mode again. If I can play a full round as 5 Twisted Fates against 10 SHACOS, then you can take that big dildo out of your butt and play, too.
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