Changes need to be made.

Dear Riot Gaming, I’m Seriouslyu from the EU servers. I have been a loyal player of League of Legends since the very beginning, even donning my very own King Rammus skin (which I love very dearly). I have also been a VERY loyal customer, spending probably well over £1,000. Over the years, I’ve tolerated your inferior mistakes, but unfortunately I’ve hit the last straw. You’re not addressing your players enough and it’s made me believe for a while that you’re just money hoarders with no actual interest in the game progression (which I can see you’re trying, what with all the new Champions, Mastery feature and what not). For example, THOUSANDS of players have demanded the OLD Twisted Treeline ever since the removal, I am one of these, however this is not the only thing. It’s ALL of the non-optional graphical changes that’s pushing me on the urge of quitting for good. #1 - Of course the Twisted Treeline, R.I.P (Why not KEEP the new one, because it isn’t so bad, but allow players to ALSO play the Old one? I do not understand why not, I cannot see that as being difficult to do). Nobody has said ‘Delete new TT, bring back the old one’ (actually I question that statement), but we merely want our chances to play the old TT again, because it was actually incredible. It’s not too late to regain the classic LoL players loyalty. #2 - Summoners Rift graphical update, at first I was very excited about this, but I’m missing the old graphics with each passing game, this makes me sad. #3 - The LATEST HUD change. Now this is absolutely terrible, I cannot stand the newest HUD, but I have no choice whatsoever… why? Why do I not have the choice to pick which HUD that I want to use? As much as I disagree with half of your “balancing” updates, these of course cannot be personalized, so I accept these, as they don’t change the game too much. But why can’t we personalize our HUDs and Graphics… why must my game be exactly the same as the entire community? All of these graphical changes that I have no choice but to integrate into my game, they’re making me slowly quit. I can imagine you’ve already lost a heck of a lot of the classic players due to these, and I cannot fathom why you haven’t done anything to stop this, perhaps with the amount of new arrivals to the game, you haven’t noticed, but the community isn’t what it used to be. Being a BETA Tester, I feel I should have said something about this long ago, but I was still slightly enjoying the game so decided to shut up and play. However it’s progressively getting worse, and it’s making me sick that you’re not taking into account loyal BETA Testers views. I appreciate you guys are probably busy, what with the vast amount of players involved. However I would prefer you stopped working on champions and get that team working on something anew... 126 champions seems as if it's going too far now, e.g perhaps some new maps? How about a 3v3v3 map, shaped in a triangle, base in each corner with a large jungle in the middle, consisting of 2 lanes per base, so each base connects. Am I the only one with these kinds of ideas? You've always kept to 2 teams, but I think you could expand this and receive much appreciation for it. I'll even create a rough draft of this if you're struggling to grasp my concept. I realize you don't check these forums Riot. This is for the players, maybe Riot will actually listen if I post it and email it every where I can think of. Regards Josh/Seriouslyu EU

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