Getting secondary role in new champ select to often.

First of all i have to say i really like this new champ select, a lot less toxicity since (almost) all get the role they want. But it gets a bit anoying when you get ur secondary role 5 times in a row or even more, i am main jungle and when i dont jungle i mostly go sup,but i prefer to go jungle and can also have the most impact on game results in that role, so when i get support ,which is my secondary, 5 times or more in a row it gets a bit anoying, i know you guys been working hard to get new champ select live again and thanks for that, but could you maybe "tweak" it a bit so the system can see when players got theyr secondary role more then lets say 3 times in a row and then the system searches for a match where this person gets his primary role, i know that the qeue would go up then but i rather wait a few minutes longer then get secondary role 5 times in a row. Sometimes i just set mid as secondary and a lot of times i get jungle instantly then,but also sometimes mid, but i rather not have to do this to avoid getting sup a lot of times in a row.
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