New game mode (suggestion)

Ok guys, i´ve been thinking about this new (featured) gamemode and here is how i think it should work: At the begining of each game, each player gets a random champ (model and stats) and 5 random abillities (P,Q,W,E,R) each ability fitting in its spot. An example could be to get the Vayne model with Tristana passive, Fizz Q, Riven W, Rengar E and Shaco ult. (If the model is melee and gets a range buff(Trist Q, jinx Q) it would still work, the animations would just look weird) This would make every game a very unique game, some champs would be more OP than others, but all champs would be fun. Some abilities would be needed to be removed prior to the release of this (eg. Zed W and R and Syndra R) and some adjustments to the game might be needed, but i belive it´s possible to make. Pls comment your thoughts on this, and like it to get Riot´s atention

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