Bot invasion, Unnescessary turrets and more: Twisted Treeline

I'm sure RIOT already recognise this thing, but there are IP farm bots in every game on Twisted Treeline. And its not good. Not good at all. Pls make a new report category and reviewe them and delete the bot accounts. Both side, the lately built outer turrets are way too unnescessary. This game mode was about little map, 3v3 teams shorter time... Now in a little map, there is way too mutch turret, and also the game time longer... So, why this all about? The game lenght for Twisted Treeline hasn't been changed in the game mode description, it still sais 20-30 minutes game lenght. But we all know it's a lie :) Some about to the community: If the enemy got a bot, pls be sportmanlike and ignore it. Let it be exacuted, and dont feed you up, with it. Why? Because real and good players don't need a barinless bot to feed up. Even if you will loose against the 2 other, still dont kill the bot, accept the defeat with your head rised up. I suggest only for the Nexus Turret a little more hp OR for the Inhibitor turrets on both sides, to balance the loss of the unescessary outer turrets. But not too mutch hp or nothing else happened then you have the same work to do, but no two, but one turret. BUT, the main problems are the bots. Bann, account delete or whatever, but they like viruses. Annoying to loose a game every time, bacause its like 2v4. I also suggest to bring the Tribunal being again. Let the community able to punish its own mwmbers, that better way, then giving them a messege. Noone ever rode it. Let the trolls fear the community :D (soooo dramatic).
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