Now we got confirmation that Riot dont care about ARAM at all

Hello I'm a regular ARAM player (2k wins, games 2100-2400mmr) and i have to say that preseason made me install HotS... I do realize that SR is main LoL mode but i'm pretty sure ARAM got huge community [ most of my friends play mostly/ only aram since it was custom game at PG ], tho i cant really back it up with any stats. And this community just got basically raped by Riot. I'm not talking about lack of mana potion tho it changed the early game ballance. Yet its not as impactful as sth i wanna tell you about. Nerf to Grievous Wounds... It seems not so important but lets have a close look at it. It no longer reduce healing recived, only self heal. Now in aram there is simply no way to stop soraka or sona. What more new masteries [ +10%heal +15%ress after heal ] made game pointless if enemy got one of those 2 champs... Its basically wait for 15 and /ff. You might think those are only 2 champs there is no reason to cry about it ... but you are wrong ! Most "high mmr" ARAM games are filled with players who unlock only ARAM fitted champions, and trust me those 2 are firsth to unlock in most cases. Also you got rerolls, chances for one of those 2 in game are really high. From my exp i would say games including one of those 2 are around 15-20%. It means every 5th game is "wait 15 min and /ff" for one of sides. Even if we skip it Riot recently added heals everywhere [ ex Fiora]. It really messed up with ARAM balance. And why i think Riot did it on purpose to make less ppl play that mode ? Well they showed few times already ability to adopt items and their properties for modes. Simple logic is that if they wanted to leave old G Wounds in ARAM they could have easily, but they didnt. And what are results of this ? I played so far 20-30 ARAM games in new patch, and not a single one was even. Not slightly even. We got raped or we raped ourselves. Ppl were going 20/5 and 5/17 respectively to the team. PPl didnt change since in "high mmr" community is rather constant, i see 100+ same ppl over and over again. Well riot you messed up big time now, i doubt you care but for now i will pass from that game since ARAM was only mode keeping me with that game. Maybe next patch will fix sth, and Rito will give a moment of their attention towards ARAM. Sorry for long cry, gg wp, rep me x9
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