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Like and commend this post pls, i I want someone from Riot who can accelerate the process of fixing these problems to see this post and the developers begin to fix the problems over time. I want the game to be as good as possible I’ll start with the fact that this client is far from ideal from the technical / functional side and I don’t know why Riot cannot fix it (I don’t think it’s so difficult considering how much riot earn. Why make new versions of the client if you can make a new one using all new technologies so that it has many necessary functions for a modern user and can be easily updated without much difficulty): 1 why does Client work in a window and cannot be defaulted to run in full screen? 2 why ppl can’t select the voice acting and the interface separately in the settings, so i can for example start playing with the English interface and Japanese voise acting? 3 why are all champions and skins unavailable in sandbox mode to test them? 4 why Client can not be done as in DotA 2 (in terms of convenience)? the client simply works better in terms of convenience and functionality. (you need to test something, click on the hero / skin and the button to test, the transition between the stage of peaks and the game is smooth due to the fact that the game is not divided into 2 parts) in 2020, for some reason Riot cannot pre-load the Summoners rift in the background during peaks / bans and smooth animation that transfers players to the loading screen for 10 seconds, and +1 animation and u are already in the game (is there any way to fix this? i am sure yes + friezes in the client and graphic bugs sometimes so Client can fly already. So often you go to the Loot / collection tab and there things are not loaded, or the buttons do not work, and you cannot banally buy / open several things at once for the currency from the event, for some reason you need to buy / open 1 5 why does the client in the description of each champion do not have a full description of his abilities as in game with stats / skills / cd, etc. + stats of the champion on lvl 1 and its growth (it is desirable that during the pick of the champ show all his stats so that the players for the first time playing on him know that he is a range, with or without mana, what is his main role, etc.)? even now some champions in the game have spells that do not give an accurate info, spells still have not has abilities range, some spells duration in seconds, stun time (even if it’s small like 0.5 second on Riven), the Thresh lantern still has no description that u can take souls with lantern, etc. 6 Are Riot going to rework the info window in the top left in-game? it is as outdated as the old death-recap (it should give complete information for new players and for experienced players to give the necessary information as quickly as possible) it should contain: a portrait of a hero with a name so that it would not be necessary to open "Tab" constantly, hp / resource bar , champions abilities with an accurate description, items and the buttons to check enemy runes, stats
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