Lvl 6 and 7 champion mastery.

I have recently started to play Master Yi again as I used to main him a few months ago. I played a few games and i got an S and S-. I wanted to have lvl 6 Yi cause I have no lvl 6 champs yet so I disenchanted my Pantheon and Nocturne skin shards. I was reluctant to do so but I really wanted a lvl 6 champ so I combined the essence and tokens and got the lvl 6 mastery. A few days later I got a few more S/S+ and I had 3 more tokens but I didnt hav enough champion essence to enchant it to lvl 7 and my key drop rate is so low I cant open my 2 chests to get more champ shards to disenchant. I see that this is a problem and should be changed and it shouldn't cost you to get a cool badge if you have mastered the champ. Thanks if you reply, jdchocolate

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