what is going on here, might be hidden mmr, driving me nuts

so, i have had a league account since 2013, i never really played, maybe a few games here and there but never like "really" gotten into it, always played with my friend who is rather decent at the game compared to me being kinda trash but im manageable. now im REALLY getting into it sorta full time so to speak. The problem is, me being lvl 46 and him 70 we both are on a massive loosing streak and or are stuck, so i watched very carefully the levels and mastery points of the people im playing against, and usually, about 8/10 games everyone on the enemy team is over lvl 150 and up to 290! their champion they are playing they have somewhere between 100-600k mastery... while i only have around 16k on a champ i feel like i play literally all the time all day every day. So i made a new account and saw an enormous difference, there ranked games were more "fair" since me being sorta bad, i went up against other sorta bad players me being level like 30 going against people that were 30-80, not players that have been hard stuck for 5 years, and who only played one champion every day for 12 hours. like personally i feel like i just dont stand a chance to ever do anything at all against somone who knows every single intricate detail, every combo, what to build, what match-up is best and how to play against every match-up. and those wondering, i managed to maintain a sorta stable rank at around bronze 3, you might say "oh players are just sorta good there" or whatever, but its the same in every rank i have played in, for example i region swapped from EUNE to EUW and got demolished because people in my team that were literal feeding and afking, and got placed iron 4, so i thought to myself "ok simple enough, climb back to bronze and ill be back to try-hard climbing, nope same story in iron 4, people being in levels between 100-200, with champions that they exclusively play day in and day out stuck in that elo for one reason or another, and i dont stand a chance in hell, and i feel like its even more difficult now seeing as im "technically" playing against "worse" players. so now every game i have to "giga carry" that being something im not yet fully capable of doing seeing as im not all that great at the game. All i want is to play legue without getting absolutely demolished every single game. Its not fun, and id rather like to avoid having to change accounts seeing as i have dumped huge amount of cash over the years into this game. but if that is the only alternative to being destroyed.
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