New Player Here - What the hell is wrong with people

I've been playing for just under 20 hours, had a few good games trying other champs here and there and learning the lanes. (I have a work colleague who's in plat teaching me the ropes) and I've got some champs I genuinely like and bought a skin or two. I've noticed however the moment I do a mistake there is always that one person on my team (With some God awful name who's clearly not left Xbox Live since 2006) ping spamming to high heavens and back seat driving then casually splashing vulgarities and racism, along with the occasional disease insult, whenever I do one little slip up. I've only had a single prompt saying one of my reports actually penalized one of these players. Why is the early levels so damn toxic. I've never EVER seen any game quite as toxic as this. I want to get better, I want to learn but these people are in **Every Single MATCH** Now my question is, is there any discords or communities that openly help new players and teach them the game?
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