best way to learn the basics/adc's ? ( I want to be a adc main)

Hey guys, I am lvl 29 now and I bought these 2 champion bundles and I really love adc's. now my questions are , how do I learn the basics like how to counterpick the enemy champions, items against tanks etc... and I guess the most important thing is, how do I get consistent 100 cs/10 min ? Should I just pick 1-3 adc's I really like and train the last hits in bot matches or draft picks? so far I really like draven, jhin and caitlyn. I kinda like sivir too buy she got nerfed a bit and I didnt play her in the 9.16 patch so far. Do you have any recommendations for yt/streamers? I try to play aggressive as adc and I always want to pressure them and deny cs so that they fall back and can't get items asap .{{sticker:draven-pose}}
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