Match making

Good day :) I’m really new to the game. Been following lightly for years and finally a family member successfully recruited me. Love it!!!!! So much fun at last! Absolutely amazing ( in my opinion ) Having said that, I have to say the match making kind of has me frustrated ( it is possible I’m not that good :P ). I don’t play against actual people, just bots since the matching puts me up against others who are waaaaaay above and out of my league. The gap level between players can be too far, it’s frustratingly unfair, and the high ranked players either just go for the easy win , and on the other side, high ranked team players get frustrated, understandably so, if it’s not premade, they should be enjoying and not carrying the whole game. Love the game, and I’m desperate to grow, but it’s kind of humiliating to play with this kind of matching. Maybe it’s just me. What to do?
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