Hey! Do you know a thing or 2 bout support? help me out!

Greetings fellow summoners! I the legendary HF at McDonalds is requesting your aid. I transitioned from SMITE to LoL not to long ago, I'd say i'm adapting pretty well. However! I doubt I'm good enough as I am right now. I feel like there are a couple of things I could improve, yet I don't know what. I took the role of support as that's what seemed to be more my style. I get that my job is to ward and protecc the adc and all that good stuff and I would say I'm pretty decent at doing that. But are there other things I should learn? Some more advanced stuff? Things that higher elo players do that I as a filthy unranked low leveled peasant don't even dream about doing? Please let me know, if there are some good videos out there or some in-depth tips you could share with me in the comment section. Thanks in advance, and I hope to see you in the rift! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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