How to play Top when you're used to Bot

This may be kind of silly because I only started playing around two weeks ago, however I've discovered I'm more comfortable as an ADC, so I'm trying to main Varus, but I can also play as support. Funnily enough, I've gotten an S as support *sigh*. The thing is, since I'm so new, I wanted to try all the champions I can and also try to be able to play every role to some degree. But, since I'm used to adc/support, I simply can't play top. I really want to play with a close ranged champion, but I can't even farm right. Any tips on how to get used to top when you're used to bot? Also which champions to start out? (That's another problem since I won't buy anyone without liking them so I have to content myself with free rotation) Please no Cho'gath by the way. I simply die a lot and basically don't kill anyone. I really wanted to get along with top lane but so far it's not going well. Thanks in advance.
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