How toxicity effects you, others and snowballs.

So League Of Legends has a pretty known Identity of having a toxic community, i'm sure some of you have already noticed after playing a few games. Toxicity is a highly contagious phenomenon that infects many people in video gaming. Most toxicity usually starts with someone flaming because they're frustrated at the game/you/their own lack of knowledge. They're looking for a reaction out of you and a reason to blame you for their own failures this can be down to insecurity or most of the time its a defensive mechanism to protect their pride. **Now the WORST thing you can ever do when dealing with a Toxic player is to react to them or 'Defend yourself' this creates an unlimited loop of toxicity** Now what does this do? People play bad when they're angry or upset, you think significantly less straight you make more mistakes and you are on autopilot. So effectively your loss condition significantly improves when your entire team is angry at each other and raging. Remember we're playing to **win!** we all have the common goal of **WINNING** So what can ** YOU ** do? You will need to have self control, you need to establish an understanding of the reality of the situation. You are in a VIDEO GAME, these people are strangers you do not have to speak to them or waste your energy on them. You are not in control of their keyboards or mouses and you cannot get people to level with you on the same mindset, these are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT people to you. Next, you're going to type less no one cares about how op that guy is with leblanc and no one cares about how bad your previous game was. You're going to use the chat for 3 things only. 1) Compliments, potential plays and ideas, build suggestions and help etc. 2) Nothing, stop typing and start focusing on what you can do not what others are doing. 3) Friendly conversation, someone feels pretty shit they %%%%ed up? Say np dude! this reinforces their resolve and makes them maintain their optimal play. Anyone who contributes anything OTHER than those 3 steps you are going to INSTANT MUTE them, don't tell them they're muted say nothing and INSTANT MUTE. You are not at any disadvantage muting toxicity. Paying attention, looking at pings and looking at fights happening whilst you're in lane is enough information for you. If you choose not to mute then you are playing into the cycle and i have nothing else to say :)! I love this video, it really does show what YOU can do as a player to reinforce your team and solo bring it back. Keep it positive summoners!

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