How to play against the champion "Fizz"?

Hi everyone! I started playing league a few weeks ago after wanting a change of scenery from Smite and Fortnite. Watched a few streams and broadcasts about the game before so finally decided to dive into it while I'm on annual leave with work and have some free time. I've tried a couple of champions, and I've really enjoyed playing Orianna especially. Some people have been super helpful in explaining new things to me that I didn't know about, and pointed me in the direction to a website where I can look at what runes and items are best for each champion. The other day I learned about "lane management" as well; the freeze, slow push and hard push. I was not great at first, but I'm starting to get better at getting the minions and stopping the enemy in my lane from getting theirs by poking them once I try to freeze minion waves on my side of the map. Some champions I've struggled against as the freezing doesn't seem to affect them much and their range is super long before I get a chance to hit them (Ziggs and Azir), but one champion in particular that I am having an absolutely terrible time trying to play against is Fizz. I watched a couple of videos trying to understand how to counter him, and the videos were talking about trying to force the enemy to use their jump spell on minions while you have them pushed into his turret, but to keep your distance when he has his spells available. It said if I'm a range champion, I should make the most of early levels to deny Fizz from getting his minions as much as possible. So levels 1 to 4 I do really well in lane against a Fizz, and they usually have less than half of the minion score compared to me. Because of this I think I'm getting targeted a lot (and I mean lots!) by the enemy jungle as well and my minions eventually end up freezing on the enemy side. Eventually Fizz seems to be very strong in fights and I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for me on how to deal with that champion that I may not know yet? Some videos I watched people have bought "Magic Resistance" as a first item against a Fizz, other times they buy damage items and a few people have told me to rush Zhona (the item that you can make yourself invulnerable). Which is the correct item to build first? If anyone can give me any tips on how to play against Fizz as Orianna, I'd really appreciate it, thanks!

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