Can Riot please help players understand this complicated game?????

Hey , Like IDK how riot can just make one the most complicated video game on and expect players to learn it. It's like so many thing about this game are just so complicated that cannot be understood without help of streamers, coaching videos or general YouTube content like there is literally no way. I've seen players prioritizing cloud drakes over baron, I've seen players completely ruin their laning phase by 1 or two bad recall, people don't wanna cs because ziggs does shit tone of poke damage, people don't wanna help jungle getting scuttle crabs even when they have lane priority, full AP team Ninja tabi, counter picks, meta champs, ranged advantage, 2 v 2s, 3 v 3s, teamfight timing using ward correctly, people literally don't wanna buy control wards because they don't know it counters eve, 2 levels behinds spams for gank, people don't dive mechanics, right item build, play making is s hard. I got into a game where this galio literally don't understand what i mean by flash taunt. Like it's just so hard why aren't anyone from this company making efforts to help people understand the game. It's so cancer being a new player in this game lol. help.....................................................
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