I need some advice on endgame (gear and builds)!

Hello everyone, So I posted this a few minutes ago in the streams and videos sections, but that was largely just to advertise my video, any advice that comes from that is greatly appreciated, but it is a serious problem I'm having right now and I would really appreciate any tips! If you're interested in the video you can always try find my post if you want to, however this post is not to advertise that but to get some serious advice! Thanks :) (Here's the post:) Any Jax fans out there? You might have another player join the ranks of the Jax mains! However, I am really struggling with endgame on him and many other champions. So far I can do pretty well as AP heavy champions like Brand, Veigar and even some Ryze games go quite well too, but on champions like Jax I get quite lost towards the end of the game as to what items to build! I started the game thinking I was going to be an ADC player or jungler and I've learnt the names and what they do of mainly attack damage items, but I barely know anything about armors. I buid nothing but attack damage items on him and I feel like towards the later part of games I can get maybe one kill before I die. I tried building some armors while testing out both Jax and Pantheon but it seemed like my damage was then too low to even secure a kill sometimes. I'm just curious what other people build at what stages of the game and why really! I've always seemed to build very glass cannon-y on games and I feel like it might be the wrong way to play league, at least on some champions! Also, I don't really follow builds very much, there's a lot of champions whose builds I just don't agree with (from Mobafire if that means anything) so I'd really appreciate some advice there too! Thank you :) Matt/DonHoliday
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