Climbing in low elo but how?

Hello everybody I have been playing ranked a lot since last week (on different accounts) and it looks almost impossible for me to climb. After my 10 first games to see which rank i get, hit mostly bronze/silver. I have over 300 games (also on different accounts) and i know what i do and how to do, ofc not like a platin/diamond player or whatever but i watched tons of guides, practiced a lot and learned the mechanics of my champion. I'm adc main and play caitlyn and ashe as secondary champion. But almost 90% of my games are so terrible that i sometimes even want to quitt this game. I know everybody has a bad game sometimes and i really don't want to blame others when they don't perform good since i don't perform good all of my games either. But so many players in low elo ranked have no clue what they are doing, and i try to talk with them with respectful so we maybe still can make a comeback and win the game. But almost no one listens or trys to help each other in my games. I ask my supporter if he can stop doing 1v2 trades since he gets so much more damage then he deals and he tells me to shut up and get more cs because i "suck". And i'm sometimes confused because i have no clue how to farm when my supporter is inting all the time and makes the enemy adc pressure me so hard that i almost have to leave my lane every 2 minutes even if i freeze my wave and play defensiv. So the enemy adc gets a huge advantage and everybody is blaming me cause i am the ad carry that has no kills and 2x less cs then the enemy adc. People start blaming each other, start insulting and inting by purpose just to %%%% people up and make the team lose. Since i am a adc it's very hard for me to carry since i can't 1v5 as caitlyn and can't be the one in the front since i die so fast. Now i want to ask you guys what i can do because i reached the point where i don't know what to do. I tried getting better, practicing and focusing the game no matter what but every time i get so frustrated because i only get insulted and almost lose every ranked game even if im not even the reason why we lose the game. Should i maybe switch my role to top lane so i can play mordekaiser or something that can carry much better then a adc? I hope some more experienced people here can give me some advices and i would really precite it since i really like the game and want to enjoy some wins and climb in ranked.
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