Looking For Support

My stats: Divison: HS Gold 4; Main:ADC(kaisa nd sivir until i get lucian); Age: 15; Looking For: Support; Preferable champs: Thresh, morgana, blitz, soraka; Preferable items: No adc thesh no full ap morgna,blitz, no onhit soraka, i want suppport, not ragequiter.; Other info: From supports personal behaivor, if u are going to quit trying after we lose 1st game, dont reply on this topic, I am ready to keep on going eve if we lose first 30 games, i dont need you to be god-tier player, we can teach eachother. Soo i wanna support with whciih i can try new tacits, make new strategies, never aruge about plays in TOXIC way, pointing out mistatkes, and saying what nicely saying what would be better is all in all ok and preferable. Type in comment: *Your division: *Your age: *Your country: *Your main champs: *Your honor level:(dont want it to be above 2, since i used to be toxic and am level 0, i dont expect anyone better as my duo partner) If u wanna, you can also type in some your questions or request, anything u want to :)

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