This is insane

Hello friendly community of helpful peeps. I joined your game recently but I have been having trouble understanding it. I was hoping someone could point out some things for me to better understand things: 1. So I'm level 11 now. I got there through intro 5 vs AI Summoner's rift games. They were fun. People were kind. I read somewhere to start 5 vs 5 games. I started playing these warning people that I am new and need help and no one even said anything to me. I also once got screamed at for going in the wrong lane to which I replied 'I asked for help. I asked where to go. I did say that I am new.' I felt like quitting right there and then but then I would have gotten punished. My question: Can I stay in 5 vs AI for longer? Will I rank up like this? Or do I have to join the community of evil unhelpful people playing my lvl on 5 vs. 5? 2. This brings me to my second point. How do I get better? Will my characters get stronger? Will I learn new tricks by myself? Does it just depend on exp with each game I play and each new character? 3. Leading into number 3: Do I have to know exactly what I am doing with each new character I play or is it possible to wing it cause normally I don't have a clue. I go in, press Q, W then wait and Press E and normally that's good enough? This is me winging it. 4. Is there any community out there, A group of players that is willing to take on a noob and help or do noobs just sorta float and try and make their way through this dark world of complication? I would really appreciate some help. I feel like a useless piece of .... rubbish when I don't do things right and I keep feeding the enemy team and they realize I am week so guess who gets targeted.... This noob right here. This is why I went from 5 vs 5 back to AI after just 3 games. I felt like I made my team lose because I was told to go to do top solo and I kept failing at it.... Thank you in advance!!
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