i cannot climb, i quit

really i have an account, i played 2000 games there, 1000 games lost 1000 games won, in ranked im bronze, im playing solo duo get beaten by all kids. This is the end to casual playing. Really RIOT, thank you for a bad gameplay for severeal years now, i was hoping for a better 'balance' but no. You put low no good teammates in my team i lose, when i try to play with friends you put more non experience players in my team and i get shoot down by smurfs or unbalanced champions. I had enough for this game ... this is my last post here, im just saying ... even if it's free, it's not worth it not even a penny. Im sorry for all who payed for this game, i despise all of u for promoting this unfairness. So go afk, troll, feed, cheat and do not forget - F RITO/.
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