Advice for Learning the Game?

Hi! I'm Cascadal and just created a new account on the EUW Server. Now, it's pretty obvious that there are a ton of smurfs and people already at these lower levels, and as such it's been a bit tough in games so far. I currently understand the basic ideas of the game, and have been trying to try a couple of different champions, though can't decide on a lane or role as of yet. I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions of how to learn more about the strategic parts of the game, or has any advice on selecting a lane - is there a good YouTube Channel or guide on the forums which would allow me to learn about all the abilities, items and more about each role? I'd assume that something like this does exist, though it'd be best to get some accurate advice, as I'm currently pretty busy with exams - preventing a proper search of this. Any help is appreciated <3

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