why there are only smurf?

me and my friend have start to play this game 2/3 weeks ago and we are sooooo nub that when we try to do something we ended up trowing the spells randomly or randomly path in the wrong direction. go take a look on the match history 6 wins out of 20 games and half of that wins are vs team that went afk or i got in my team a smurfer like two times now i am noob at the game but when someone is good you can tell so if this is a bug plz reset or restore me and my friend account in some way because its impossible to play this game clearly has a problem so i dont know if its bugged for me and my friend or its normal that there are only smurf on the other side now its true that i have found a guy on the team that was really good but he was alone while we 4 where noob so even for him this game its bugged so i dont get it what is the problem plz some of you log in into your wordpress area and toggle some switch cause my game is bugged or the matching system is bugged i dont know but something is bugged for sure
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