The one thing that makes me dislike lol

Hi im Cobraxgg im at level 9 and im gonna be honest, im not good att League of legends i die allot and i do meany miss takes. But im okey with the fackt that im bad. But what i dislike about the game isn't really the game at all. It is some of the players who reports me and i belive meany others just cuse they are bad at the game. And belive me im doing my best it just makes me sad that people can't understand that some player are bad and others are good at the game. And i am trying to get better and i want to be aible to help my team in the battles. Well it isn't every game that people say that they will report me or calling me a feeder. just cuse i die allot dosent mean i do it on purpose sure there are many players who are feeders it is just sad that people don't think like hmm mabe he/she isn't a feeder maybe he/she is just bad at the game. I just wich that insted of giving bad coments to the onse who aren't as good as you are and makeing them feel bad, you culd give tips on how to do better and help the once who are bad at the game and make them at least disent at the game. But im sure there will be meany bad coments to this. But this is just how i feel thing are. And i hope some of you will think a litle before you wright cuse not every one who play bad are doing it with the soul purpose to ruin the game for you.
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