Matchmaking for new players is terrible

Hey, I decided 3 days ago to start playing lol. Sadly I went straight into a lose streak after a great beginning. Of course as a new player you need to learn. I already get flamed in lobby for my picks etc ecen though I dont even know a little part of the heroes in lol. The enemy often have 1 player carry every one which was suprising for as i thought that you normally arent able to play the game from beginnning so well that you dominate the game. So i decided to sink a bit deeper into the topic and searched for their profiles. Then I found this: My level: Rest of my team: Enemy team: Game: No intensional feeding. Enemy was abviosly way better than myself, dominating the lane. Together with our jungler failed to gank enemy toplaner it created a impossible battle to win. After my 4th death i was dead after enemy press his q. Now to my question: Why newbies get matched with Level 100 players even though there is no high level player in my team. And why are such low level players not seperated from these players. Its obviosly not fair and destroy the game for new players as they get destroyed over and over again. It is depressing and you cant learn from these matches( Or too little). You have not a single achievment for yourself and get easily frustrated. Ultimately it will lead to leaving the game. Not that you understand me wrong: I love hard games, and also games where it is hard to get the catch, but this matchmaking makes no sense and it simply just frustrating. If you lose and focus on your mistakes you will improve. Of course with stronger enemies you get the chance to progress higher but for a player who struggle with the mechanics and simple knowlege as knowing the champions of the games, it is not suited. And yeah its not ranked therefore the matchmaking is not as strict to match fair teams but at least try to create a fair match up. I am willing to wait 2 min longer to find suited players. Greeting DarkBarBarianTV
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