About the reform of Akali

I don't think the reform of Akali is successful. In the game, no matter the enemy or the player of Akali, both of them always feel bad. The enemy hates her Shroud and the players hate her ability of cleaning line. Although her damage in early time is really high and can solo kill the enemy, however, after this, she can not do anything that can win this game? She lost the ability of snowball and cleaning line (because the long cooldown of R and high energy cost of Q). I don't think this gives current players a good experience. I the one of the best Akali player in China, and hope you can think about this. I like old Akali and her Equilibrium sects. As her new background story: Shen knows Akali have to go with her mind, maybe one day she will come back with that road, but these will be decided by herself. In Chinese server, 90% old Akali players hope she can back.
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