@Riot Team "Riot we have a problem " in ranked games...

Hey all !! I want to share my opinion of ranked games in silver / bronze elo. Since this game is based on teamplay now after huge patches last years solo queue has died. I got problems with some players that play ranked in bronze/silver elo. They aren't experienced enough and feeds others soo much, they don't know how to counter their champs or prediction movements to dodge ( move left or right etc.. This creates toxicity because in ranked you want to win to climb up, but if you play with unexperienced players how would you climb up in godsname??! I am main graves in jungle and I am also not perfect and makes also a lot of mistakes in a game but this is way too ridicilous ! My suggestion is let new players and unexperienced players harder to play the mode ranked. Account level 50 would be ok ! after 3 years i can't even climb up to gold and always get stuck in iron (silver). So shortly said : DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE UNEXPERIENCED PLAYERS .. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE to lose games because they make too many mistakes or doesn't help drake by example or doesn't know when to engage even when i ping them or communicate. A lot of players listens and communicates but a lot players doesn't know or doesn't want to listen and play their own game when you only can win as a Team. Sometimes i get angry because people doesn't know how to win the game or doesn't want to listen. And why in godsname did you buff Nasus ? 500 stacks in 18 mins is really not normal ! 500 STACKS you can Q someone to death after 3 HITS WITH Q ! Most people doesn't know how to counter Nasus and now he got buffed it got even worser !! Even after 2 ganks or 3 it doesn't help to get Nasus behind. I know you can ban nasus but I prefer to ban irelia because she is too op if you know how to play her.. too many smurfs accounts in EUW... Sorry for my bad english. A frustrated player and I think I am not alone with those thoughts .. Ranked just started and I love this game but do something about unexperienced players -.-"... Make video's from pro's how to counter nasus or to counter champs ... you let new players finish account level to 30 and still they don't know a lot of things in league of legends which creates toxicity. It's you RIOT that makes toxicity possible in the game. I didn't flame or flame other people but I see what i see. What do you think guys ? share your opinions here.
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