New to PvP

So i thought it would be fun to play some LoL in ranked. I wanted to play the game with a team that wanted to win but having played little PvP before i can honestly say i'm not very good. I thought i'd get placed bronze but for some reason after my first game i seemed to end up in silver/gold elo. I got absolutely creamed and had my team flaming me for the first 10 minutes. I ended up muting my team only for the enemy team to start taking the piss out of me with question like "Why are you in this elo?!" and in fairness i didn't know. I seemed to be ruining everyone else's good time and all i was looking for is too start at the lowest elo and to learn and work my way up. I honestly don't understand why i'm being put in anything but the lowest elo when i have no experience playing the game pvp. I just needed to rant about this as i quit the game when both my team and the opponents team stated giving me a hard time. I don't want to be in an elo that is above what i'm capable of and i hate that i'm made to feel like a piece of shit because for some reason i'm placed in a higher elo/

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