Why is RIOT games discriminating us ?

Hello, by friend's advice I installed "League of Legends" to try it out and play with him. As I am veteran DotA player I thought why not lets have some fun.. But fun is the only thing i never got... > **_This are the questions I was left with while removing this game from my PC and trying to recover from the oppressing, invasive, controlling, anxious RIOT games attack that I just had on my intelligence, my free will as a player and so much more. _** > Game starts, I pass through 3 tutorials, unlock normal 5v5 games, and we start playing. FIrst things i notice; 1.) WHy am I LIMITED in hero pool ? Why cant i pick all the heroes ? 2.) Why am I LIMITED by summoner spell choice ? Why can't I pick all summoner spells, like FLASH or SMITE but other players can. Why am I MATCHED WITH THEM? 3.) Why am I LIMITED and CANNOT pick Jungle items on start ? I gotta have smite ? But i cant TAKE SMITE because I AM LIMITED OFF IT. 4.) Why am I LIMITED on the gameplay, what if I want to go jungle without Smite ? Or play certain hero the way I want with Items I want 5.) Why am I LIMITED on the Runes that I wanna take ? 6.) Why am I LIMITED to play "by the book" to play like RIOT games imagined it and not how you want to play the given hero... 7.) WHY ARE WE LIMITED, as players, to SO LITTLE, are we unintelligent , why are you forcing us to play WHAT YOU "Riot Games" want to be played, HOW YOU "Riot Games" Want it to be played, AND NOT HOW PLAYERS WANT TO PLAY IT. 8.) WHY ARE WE LIMITED to play the A>B>C game. Meaning if you land A, you automatically deal TONS of damage, if you miss it, you are prone to fail. -For example I would pick Ahri/Lux/Yasuo/Brand etc... Where if you just spam your Charm/Binding staying super safe, and when you LAND it, you automatically land your WHOLE KIT on enemies which = insta kill in most cases. I just played Ahri where i stayed suuper safe and just spammed Charm, and when I hit it, I just BLOW UP someone without chance of counterplay... Just a example. 9.) Why am I LIMITED on camera movement and ANGLE, and why are spells BUGGED on Highground where they hit people while passinve 3 metters away from them ??? What is this JOKE ??? - So all in all , after 10ish painfull games where I felt as if someone is controlling MY EVERY MOVE: -What champions you can pick -Where can you GO with those champions, which lane -What can you BUILD with them -What SPELLS can you take (Yes apparently as I noticed champions are DESIGNED To MAX CERTAIN SPELLS) And your other 2 spells (W, E ones) just don't scale good enough so you are forced to level Q or in some rare cases other buttons. And this my fellow players is something i never saw with (except the hero unlocking in some, nothing else): Warcraft 3 map mod: Defense of the Ancients -DotA Valve moba : Defense of the Acients 2 - DotA2 Blizzard: Heroes of the Storm - HOS Heroes of Newerth - HON This game, League of Legends lives up to its shortcut; LOL.
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