I'm still disappointed with Blackthorn Morgana skin

Blackthorn Morgana - the only Morgana skin that costs 1350 RP and compared to the Old one seems a Downgrade in every aspects {{sticker:sg-lulu}} It's unreal, how Old Blackthorn Morgana still better in every way tip - Splash Art, Animations, Design and Leafs falling from her wings For a skin 1350 RP i was expected so much more, New Blackthorn Morgana feels like a Dragon Trainer skin..... i really wish Riot could improve more this skin to make her close to the Old one {{sticker:sg-janna}} Blackthorn Morgana in video - 8:50 to 10:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7wZebrTdWY&t=271s
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